The Teleportation Cube is a thrown item that is thrown to teleport. It is similar to the Ender Pearl except it does not cause fall damage when teleporting and is differently colored and is a cube. Teleportation Cubes spin while held and leave a colorful trail of glyphs when thrown. In the top, it has the Block of Diamond texture. In the side that faces the player 1 redstone tick after it is taken, it has the Block of Emerald texture. In the left side, it has the Block of Gold texture. In the right side, it has the Block of Iron texture. In the bottom, it has the Block of Lapis Lazuli texture. In the back, it has a simple Stone texture. It has a Stone texture since the ores smelted to take the valuables used to create the other texture blocks are edited variations of the Stone texture.


Legend: D - Diamond, E - emerald, L - Lapiz Lazuli, S - Stone, EP - Ender Pearl, 0 - None

0 D 0
0 L 0

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