It was cold outside. It was really always cold where Max lived, but he got used to it pretty quickly after he moved. He lived with his brother, in a small settlement named Rise. The only people who lived in Rise was Max, his brother and a few of his friends. People slowly moved away throughout the years, until it was only Max, his brother and two friends. Max went to chop down some of the tall spruce trees that were everywhere. He needed to be careful, however. Visibility was extremely low with the blizzard that was going on. He went and started to chop down a tree, when one of the Experimental Technology (ExTech) personnel passed by. "Hey!" Max yelled. "Do you know when the blizzard's going to end?" The ExTech trooper gave him an annoyed look behind his visor. "No idea. If you really want to know, then go talk to what's-his-face over at the compound. He'll probably know." Max turned away. "Thanks." He said. He was about to chop down the tree, when he heard a scream. He spun, only to see there was no one there. Until he saw a weird distortion in the air. A man just appeared out of nowhere. He had a sword, and a hood over his face. But, Max could see he had bright yellow points for eyes. He raised his sword, and stabbed himself through the chest with the sword. There was no blood. Max managed to snap himself back to reality long enough to run as fast as he could back to his house. In his house, he had an echo chamber. An echo chamber is used to view, detect or contact supernatural beings. He activated it in search mode. When he looked inside, an enormous eye peered out at him. His friend Leonard ran into the room. "Max! What in Notch is going on!?" Leonard yelled when he saw Max. The huge eye belonged to something completely beyond comprehension for mortals. He felt weird, and the next thing he knew, he was standing over Leonard's body with a bloody knife. Max stood there. That creature had possessed him, and it made him... Max ran out the door forever.