UPDATE: People are still making new pages, and the haters are getting worse.

Note: This is not a page for an item or block. This is a talking page. It was created as a main page in order for it to show up in the Recent Wiki Activity, attracting people to see it.

Created by SadGhoster87

So, it has recently become popular on the wiki to make fanmade "updates", such as 2.0 and 1.10, 1.11 through 1.13, etc, etc, etc, including the Chris6d drama where he claimed creation and ownership of the original 1.10 page and decided he was the most famous person on the wiki, only to then leave the wiki and demand to be made admin.

Recent Wiki Activity spam

An example of what I'm talking about with the spam.

While these update pages aren't necessarily bad (in fact a lot are very creative and fun to look at), the trend of their creation has caused lots of different problems, including the aforementioned drama.

One of the things that the pages have accomplished is bringing a bunch of random people into the wiki from Google. While new visitors to the site aren't a bad thing per se, what is mainly resulting from this is people editing the pages to add (and remove) a bunch of things. Especially stuff that hasn't even been added to the wiki itself yet. [Note that I am also guilty of this sometimes.] This also causes the Recent Wiki Activity to be spammed with "A Wikia contributor edited 1.1x" repeatedly, blocking out actual meaningful updates of pages. Also, while I dislike saying it, some of the ideas are just plain stupid, like this cheat that enables cheats and gives free diamonds.

In addition, recently rising is the trend of little kids who think they're being smart and ahead-of-the-curve by Googling updates to Minecraft that haven't come out yet. What happens is that they find the fanmade pages on the wiki and think they're supposed to be overviews of real updates. After discovering that the updates aren't real and refusing to Google the word "fanon", they think they're Sherlock Holmes by declaring "FAKE!!1!" in the comments section. Over. And over. And over. And over.

As a remedy to the tide of noobs pouring in and disrupting the wiki, I would like to suggest a temporary block, ban, and/or disallowment of editing/creating "new update" pages. The lack of new pages will start to get rid of the large amount of people coming to and spamming the wiki, as there won't be update pages to pop up in search results.

While this may break some people's workflow, I would also like to suggest, if you are creating, have created, or feel like creating an update page, that you change your update pages/ideas to mod pages or fanon pages and use those concepts instead. There's a large chance that your proposed update will work much better as a mod or fanon (remember that the fanmade 1.13 update will, by definition, contain all of the contents from the fanmade 1.11 update, as well as from 1.10 and 1.9 and other Minecraft updates that may be found undesirable for use in a fanmade "update"). This will also cause the wiki to stop showing up in Google searches for unreleased updates. People will only find the wiki if they want to find it, or at the very least they won't find it by looking for updates.

This is a problem I've been seeing and experiencing for a couple months now, and this is what I think can ameliorate the situation by some amount. Thank you for reading it, and please consider my suggestion.

Sincerely, SadGhoster87.

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