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Due to the massive amounts of creatures in Minecraftia, subspecies are bound to crop up. A few of them are listed here.

Fancy Creeper

Main article: Fancy Creeper

Fancy Creepers are the civilized (and much more powerful) cousins of the average creeper.
Creeper in Top Hat

The Fancy Creeper.


Fancy Creepers are identical to the average other than the fact that they wear top hats and occasionally monocles. It wears a creeper skin over itself to disguise the fact that it's made from solid diamond.

Fighting style

Fancy Creepers can be deterred by normal weapons, but anything lower than diamond won't have any effect. A Fancy Creeper has a life of 14 hearts. They are also capable of melee.

Fluxuating Creeper

A Fluxuating Creeper is a creeper that has been tainted by being near Fluxuations for too long. They sometimes turn flicker invisible.


The only difference in appearance is Fluxuating creepers texture is pink, with the dots randomly changing position. When they flicker invisible, their eyes are still visible.

Fighting Style

Fluxuating creepers attempt to explode you like a normal creeper, but teleport and flicker out of reality randomly. This makes them much harder to fight. They have a medium-low spawn rate near Fluxuations, and a very low spawn rate anywhere else.

Soldier Pigmen

Soldier Pigmen reside in the Nether. They live in Nether Fortresses and can consist of small armies along with Archer Pigmen.


Soldier Pigmen are fully alive, unlike their Zombie cousins. They wear rusted plating armor over chainmail.

Fighting style

Soldier Pigmen are all about hand-to-hand combat. They use iron and steel for weapons. They are not expert strategists, but make excellent footmen. Many become mercenaries.

Archer Pigmen

Archer pigmen are the direct 'siblings' of Soldier Pigmen. They assist in Pigman armies.


Archer pigmen wear brown and green leather armor, carry a quiver of arrows and a bow.

Fighting style

These guys tend to arch from wooden towers in the Overworld and hanging platforms in the Nether. They are no great shakes at combat, however, and tend to try to hit foes point-blank.

Ghast Jockeys

Ghast Jockeys are pigmen or wither skeletons riding on the back of a saddled ghast. They don't often appear at all, but when they do they are with armies.

Fighting style

This is a deadly duo. The Ghast, apart from letting fireballs fly, can also flail its tentacles at you. The rider's skills differ from each one. Soldier pigmen and Wither skeletons will swing their swords while an Archer pigman will shoot arrows.

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