Book mc

steve's left journal at the crime scene.


I just woke up, and a light outside shined in my eyes. Cody's still asleep, but I'm suspicious. I never saw anything else.


Yeah, so me and Cody looked at the footage of the cameras and it was pretty clear that something was outside, we just don't know what yet. The light is too bright, so I cant see any other outlines of any parts of the body or whatever that thing was. It WASN'T JUST a light, thats for sure. I was feeling a little sick, but i guess I'm okay. I'm gonna go talk to the house owner, but i might as well pass by to the library first.

I spoke to the librarian, Mr Jeff Coalman, and he said what i could be experiencing was Herobrine sickness, or Herobrine paranoia. Its apparently when someone is being haunted by Herobrine and they feel side effects, such as paranoia, like i said, feeling sick, bleeding, that sort of stuff. So I'm feeling a LITTLE better, but I'm still under the weather.

My second experience!!!!!!!!

God, i just ran home as fast as i could!!! I saw Herobrine, and I crossed the bridge, and as im writing in this journal, my head's hurting like hell!! I need to calm down. What if that light was him?! It must've been!! Im too scared to write.

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