Stevebrine is a uniteractive mob which follows the Player after Herobrine is defeated and will not leave untill Steve is defeated. Stevebrine is like a mixture of Herobrine and Steve. One half looks like Steve and the second half looks like a severly injured version of Herobrine with torn clothes and a little blood.

Stevebrine will randomly teleport behind the Player and just stare at him untill he clicks him or gets too close. He also leaves various signs near the Player's spawn point. He also places redstone torches and redstone lamps in caves. He also randomly says stuff in the chat. He also appears at the end of the second credits and is transforming fully into Herobrine in the background of the third credits.


  •  You Monster.
  • You Blew It.
  • How Could You?
  • Why did you do it?
  • You have no idea what you have done.
  • You're Demented.
  • You are worse then them all.

Chat Messages

  • The King of Bugs was no worse than you.
  • He was only doing good for the world.
  • [capital X's with the §k modifier removed] (like in the real credits)
  • If the answer to life is '42' then you're '-42'.
  • You are something like 667.
  • You killed [scrambled] and insulted His pride. Now you must pay the price and conquer [scrambled].
  • It has to be done. (when entering the 'Herobrined' pocket dimension)
  • What have you done?!?! (when summoning Nega Steve)

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