Steve (Steve's Adventure)
Steve is the main character of Steve's Adventure / Steve's Adventure - The Finale and the leader of Team Steve. He has many skills with his swords and bows; he used a crowbar once to get rid of the Wither. He is the strongest hero among his team.


  • Sword combos
  • Critical bow hits


He knew about the Nether Fortress 3 days after fighting King Zombie, and he remembers his times with The Cyan Shirt League, he remembers how he defeated the Enderdragon.


  • Fast
  • Brave
  • Powered up (after defeating the Wither)
  • Can work himself into a flying rage (as seen in Cascade)


  • Powered down (after King Corrupted threw him in the basement)
  • Powers down when in fear (Example, when the Wither Cultist came)