File:Dark steel minecraft creeper by pedroion-d379t6u.jpg

The Steel Creeper, is a Creeper like Mob that is created out of a coating of metal.

The Charged Steel Creeper is a Steel Creeper that is hit by lightning. It has better knockback and a bigger crater when it explodes.   


A Steel Creeper can be easily killed with the following items:

  • Enchanted Diamond Sword
  • Obsidian Sword
  • Water
  • Enchanted Bow and Arrow


When a Steel Creeper is killed, here is what it will leave behind:

  • 3-5 Steel
  • 0-2 gunpowder
  • Steel Armor (rare)
  • Diamond (very rare)
  • Lightning Rod (very rare)
  • Enchanted Staff (most rare)

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