The Squid Trawler is a ship designed specifically to catch Squid and Octopus, but is capable of catching other aquatic mobs, or even enemy players and their boats.

The boat is a dark grey, with small patches of rust. It is 16 blocks long and 5 blocks wide.

It is 12 blocks long and 5 blocks wide and made of iron, and it has a dispenser on the front that can fire harpoons. The ship is very powerful and can smash through enemy boats, mobs, and even some terrain head-on.

The squid trawler's front can open to allow pre-killed or even living mobs in. Inside, the squid trawler has Iron spike blocks to maul anything still alive, and several hoppers to collect drops. Drops are processed by a Dropper processor and all non-wanted drops are dropped into a cage full of lava.