Special Abilities are powers given by items that do special things depending on the ability.

For every Ability Amulet there is a Special Ability.


More information about each ability can be found on its page.


Windstorm is an ability that gives the power of a windy blast. It is given by the Wind Amulet and the Gale Wings at level 2 or 3.


Flamewave is an ability that gives the power of a stream of fire.

Magma Pillar

Magma Pillar is an ability that gives the power of powerful blasts of lava shooting from underground.

Side-Along Abilities

Side-Along Abilities are the term for when multiple players combine their abilities.

Side-Along Abilities are calculated in the following fashion:

  • The players using them must be at most 90 degrees to the left or right of the player who first used the ability.
  • The players must be using abilities that are compatible.
  • The players must not be facing each other.


Stamina is a bar that is drained when Special Abilities are used. It shows up as a sky-blue bar directly underneath the XP bar. It only shows up when an ability-giving item is equipped or held.

Its value is as follows:

  • A full bar has 100 points in it
  • Bars are drained at 20 points per second
  • The player has as many bars as XP levels, leveling up means five more seconds of ability usage
  • When an ability stops being used, the bar will begin to regenerate at 10 points per second
  • If the bar is fully drained, the ability will stop and the bar will wait 1 second before regenerating