Space is a Dimension yet Area in Orangecraft.

Rocket Ship

Rocket Ships are a Generated thing by using the Rocket Ship Block, if lighting the block with Redstone, it will turn into a type of Primed TNT and Explode, when exploded, a rocket will be shown. 
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Ready Made Rocket

When inside, there will be a button you press, it will start the rocket and fly into space! (it has a space activator block behind it.)


Moon - Spawned at.

Mars - Build up to.

Saturn - Build up to the ring.


Moon is a 30 chunk sphere, covered with Moonstone. The moon has Iron Houses generated, which has a Crafting Table and a Chest. Chests act like the Dungeon chests.


Moonstone is a block, covering the Moon's core (which is Lava and Bedrock) and can be mined with a Stone Pickaxe or above.


Moonfences is a block found around and under Iron Houses, they look like red stained clay.


Mars is a 10 chunk sphere, covered with Mars Block. Mars don't have any generated structures.

Mars Block

Redstone is a block, covering Mars' core (which is the same as the Moon) and can be mined with a Iron Pickaxe or above. It drops Mars Shards and Redstone

Mars Shards Shards

Mars Shards is a item drop from Mars Block, used 9 to make a whole block.


Saturn is not implmented. :|


The sky in this world is the night sky, Earth is the moon and Sun is the Sun. (duhh)


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