The solsaber is a legendary golden sword and gift from Maj to the people of minecraftia.

It looks like a golden sword, but with more of a brass tint than a golden one. It has a glowing orb on the handle, which can be used to light the way by right-clicking. It does 12 damage to the undead and 5 damage to everything else. It has no durability and cannot be dropped from the inventory, which it stays in even after death.

Upon right-clicking, the sword will both block and light up the area place a glowing orb of light 5 pixels large right infront of the player. This Light is 2x as effective as a torch, but dispels when the player right-clicks again.

The solsaber given to minecraftians by Maj, lord of Marvel to bring both metaphorical and literal light unto the world, both lighting up the world with the sword's power and killing off the evil undead.