Vital statistics
Title Slenderman
Gender Male
Race Creepypasta
Faction Creepypasta
Health Unknown
Level He is not a RPG character, ok ?
Status Alive
Location Dark, dank woods, forests and caves at midnight
Relatives Herobrine
Affiliation Herobrine

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Slenderman, also known as Slender Man, is a slender, facless man wering a black tuxedo. Slenderman is creepypasta, just like Lord Herobrine. He is said to eat little children and traumatize people. Altough many people don't believe this fact, Slenderman is shown to have tentacles in his body as revealed in artwork. Some people also claim he is in Minecraft, where he's constantly busy griefing and trolling instead of eating or traumatizing his victims. 

Is Slenderman real ?

Just like his best friend (Notch's death brother), it's unknown if Slenderman is real (or if he really exist in Minecraft).