Shihan Theo is the mysterious, secretive, and well-informed leader of the Awan Rogues. He is noted for his deceptive leadership and near-mythological status.

He was born on the outskirts Sarageth to a wealthy farming family, but after issues with his family, he ran away and formed a bandit crew. He and many other eager men overcame traveling merchants and relocated to the hills of Awan, once an essential front of the Saragethn people. Eventually, he secured himself power and wealth, and was elected leader of the newly established group known as 'Awan Rogues'. Shihan fell into depression and suffered from mortality issues, which likely started once he became addicted to mushrooms smuggled by his pirates to his base. Currently, he is on the run after taking heavy losses from Mineulethians who attacked them, and after Minecratia almost faced its doom.

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