Selventry is a fusion art in which items are combined with other items to create additions, fusions, or compound items.

Selvent Configuration

Selvent Configurations are the base of Selventry.


Different, progressing layers are on higher tiers of Selvent Configurations.

Tier 1+

  • Primas Layer
  • Vexit Layer
  • Sillion Layer
  • Huris Layer
  • Marimi Layer

Tier 2+

  • Ioman Layer
  • Semimi Layer

Tier 3+

  • Trismus Layer
  • Hyris Layer
  • Seara Layer

Tier 4

  • Reefa Layer
  • Umio Layer
  • Sevel Layer
  • Hirana Layer
  • Sesmis Layer

Fusion Syntax

In wiki articles that mention Selventry, Selventry recipes are written in a specific way. This is the list of the proper syntax.

Item Type Additions

On articles about Selventry-usable items, if they can add to a specific item type:

  • (Layer Name) | (Cost of Addition) | (addition type): (Addition Name)
Primas Layer | 5z | enchantment: Fire Aspect II

Item Types

On articles about item types, if they can be added to by another item:

  • (Item Type) & (Added Item Name) -> (addition type): (Addition Name) on (Layer Name) | (Cost of Addition)
Sword & Fire Drop -> form: Flarest on Vexit Layer | 7z

Item Changes

On articles about items, if they can be added to by another item:

  • (Item Name) + (Added Item Name) via (Layer Name) | (Cost of Addition) | (addition type): (Addition Name)
Celestis Wings + Player Token via Hirana Layer | 12z | transform: Gale Wings


  • Pictures of Selvent Configurations to be added.