Sapphire Falls is a biome in OrangeCraft that can spawn with Sapphire ore.


Sapphire Falls looks like an Extreme Hills biome with a waterfall coming out of the sides of the mountains.


Only oak and birch trees spawn.


Sapphire Waterfall

There is a 28% chance of a Sapphire Waterfall spawning on a mountain, this waterfall is made out of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone, as a waterfall falls into the pool, iron ore can be found in the pool.

Sapphire Basic Waterfall

If the Waterfall does not spawn, the water will fall into a 1 block gap

Sapphire Dungeon

There is a 77% chance of a Sapphire Dungeon spawning inside the mountain, inside is a whole room made out of sapphire blocks and a Zombie or Skeleton mob spawner, there are 1-2 chests that can contain dungeon loot and Sapphires.

Sapphire Ore Field

There is an 88% chance of a Sapphire Ore Field to spawn with a whole 16x16 crater, spawns with Stone, Cobblestone and Coal Ore.

A 31% chance of Iron ore and Sapphire Ore to spawn in there.

Mini Ore Field

The Mini Ore Field is 8x8 and has a 77% chance of spawning. It just has Coal ore and Sapphire ore.

Day Mobs

Ocelots / Cats

Cats can spawn within the biome, mostly spawns near Sapphire (basic) Waterfalls.


Wolves can spawn within the biome, near trees.

Pigs and Cows

Pigs and Cows easily spawn in this biome.


Sheep spawn as colored blue, cyan, lightblue or white and rarely red and pink


Ruby, Sapphire, Coal are the most common ores in this biome, and rarer are Iron, Gold, Lapis, Redstone and Diamond, Emeralds are SUPER rare.


Version Notes
Indev 0.1 Added Sapphire Falls
Indev 0.3 Allowed Birch Trees to spawn, and grass is now Blue in this Biome. Also has Mini Ore Fields now!

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