This is a collection of all the utility blocks (crafting tables, chests, etc.) in Sad's Fanon. As more things are added to the fanon, more things will be added to this page.

Utilities in Sad's Fanon, if based off of an existing Minecraft block, are crafted the exact same way as that block with their respective materials, unless otherwise stated.


All chests in Sad's Fanon have a "double chest" property, meaning they can be put together for double the inventory space.

Stone Chest

Stone chests, crafted with cobblestone, have 4 layers of inside inventory space, enabling the storage of an entire inventory.

Iron Chest

Iron chests, crafted with iron ingots, have 5 layers of inside inventory space.

Redstone Chest

Redstone chests, crafted with Redstone Ingots, have 6 layers of inside inventory space as well as having four modes:

  • Inactive: Never outputs redstone signal
  • Active: Always outputs redstone signal
  • Trap: Outputs redstone signal when opened
  • Reverse: Outputs redstone signal when closed

The current mode can be edited by shift-right-clicking the chest with a Redstone Wrench.

Diamond Chest

Diamond chests, crafted with diamonds, have 7 layers of inside inventory space.

Obsidian Chest

Obsidian chests, crafted with diamonds, have 8 layers of inside inventory space as well as a dark, obsidian-themed GUI.

Bloodstone/Cobalite Chests

Bloodstone and Cobalite chests, crafted with their respective gems, have 9 layers of inside inventory space as well as color-themed GUIs.

Celestial Crystal Chest

Celestial Crystal chests, crafted with Celestial Crystals, have 10 layers of inside inventory space as well as a white, crystal-studded GUI.

Crafting Tables

Crafting tables in Sad's Fanon, having different themes, are crafted as their recipes are shown. No crafting table can be used to create another crafting table's recipe (for example, improved swords must be crafted on the 3x3 Forge Bench and not a regular 3x3 crafting table).

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