This is a collection of all the barriers (fence blocks, wall blocks, wedge blocks [like glass panes and iron bars]) in Sad's Fanon. As more things are added to the fanon, more things will be added to this page.

Barriers in Sad's Fanon are crafted the exact same way as normal barriers, with their respective materials, unless otherwise stated.


Fences in Sad's Fanon have the property of explosive-blocking, where the fence gives its blast resistance to all blocks in a one-block radius with a lower original blast resistance. In layman's terms, this means that if the fence is not destroyed, neither will any blocks in a one-block radius of it. It will also, if not destroyed, protect all blocks on the other side of the fence from destruction.

All fences of a certain block-type have the same mining level as their block unless otherwise stated.

All fences have respective fence-gates that act the same as normal fence-gates unless otherwise stated.

All fences yield the same amount of items when crafted as normal fences unless otherwise stated.

Stone Fence

Stone Fences have double the blast resistance of normal fences. They take the texture of cobblestone and are crafted with cobblestone and Stone Rods.

Iron Fence

Iron Fences have four times the blast resistance of normal fences. They take the texture of a silver version of a gold block (in fact the original iron block texture from vanilla Minecraft), but with no borders on the outside. They are crafted with iron ingots and Iron Rods.

Diamond Fence

Diamond Fences have eight times the blast resistance of normal fences. They take the texture of a diamond block with no borders on the outside, and are crafted with diamonds and Diamond Rods.

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