This is a collection of the armor in Sad's Fanon. As more things are added to the fanon, more armor will be put in this page.

Armor in Sad's Fanon is crafted the exact same way as normal armor, with their respective materials, unless otherwise stated.

Cobalite Armor

Cobalite Armor is armor crafted from Cobalite gems. It has 1.5x the amount of durability diamond armor has. It also protects from 90% of damage.

It has the same texture as diamond armor, except the blue is deeper and shinier, much like Cobalite gems.

Bloodstone Armor

Bloodstone Armor is crafted from Bloodstone gems. It has 2x the amount of durability as diamond armor, and protects from 85% of damage.

It has the same texture as diamond armor, but with a dull, deep scarlet color.

Zelzivium Armor

Zelzivium Armor is crafted from Zelzivium Ingots. It works the same as iron armor.

It has the same texture as diamond armor, but with a dark green color.

Selemit Armor

Selemit Armor is crafted from Selemit Crystals. It protects from 100% of damage, but has half as many uses as gold armor.

It has the texture of Selemit Crystals with holes cut in them.

Far Landers Armor

Far Landers Armor is crafted from Pressed Ender, and is based off of the armor of the skin of its creator.

Its texture is a noisy dark gray with slightly noised black outlines.

While having, by default, the same shape as default armor, it can be crafted into different shapes by use of a Design Anvil.


Armor cobalite layer 1

The layer_1 of cobalite armor

Armor bloodstone layer 1

The layer_1 of bloodstone armor

Armor zelzivium layer 1

The layer_1 of zelzivium armor

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