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Sad's Fanon is a category of all the pages in Sad's Fanon, a fanon universe by SadGhoster87 created for making stories and custom Minecraft things.

Fanon Storylines

Creatures of the Void

Creatures of the Void is the first created storyline in Sad's Fanon. It follows the story of Steve and the Players in a post-tragedy country haunted by the Omnibrine and Muriminus, and their quest to destroy the Enderdragon and the Voidwarp dimensions.

Craft To Rebel

Craft To Rebel is the third Sad's Fanon story. Taking place in an unknown world that is not Hestion, an adventurer and this universe's Steve lead a rebellion to destroy a kingdom.

The Green Steve: Subcode

The Green Steve: Subcode is the fourth Sad's Fanon story. Conveyed via a message board titled Anon Logs, it follows multiple humans trapped inside Minecraft and their mission to discover the truth about the elusive Green Steve. It was created as an attempt to create a good story out of the universally panned "The green steve".

Pioneers of Rain

Pioneers of Rain (yet to be created) is the fifth Sad's Fanon story. It follows Joseph Elduron and his expedition to find new land to pioneer in the South after the collapse of North Mindeavor.


The Hiresis is Hestion's equivalent of a Bible and was originally created as a companion story to Creatures of the Void.

The Untold (abandoned)

The Untold was the second Sad's Fanon story. After a cult triple murder of three friends, Joe Tertian sets off to find and destroy the ones responsible, but meets a terrifying enemy along the way.

The project began during the hiatus between CotV Seasons One and Two.



Hestion is the first world in Sad's Fanon.

Stories that take place in Hestion:

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These pages contain dozens more individual concepts not listed here.

Outer Armor

Special Abilities

Fan Stories

Expanding details will be left on their respective pages to avoid spoilers.




The Voidwarp is a series of dimensions and dark, endgame bosses. Much more information, and the different dimensions and bosses, can be found on the Voidwarp page.


More info about the dimensions can be found on their respective pages.

  • The Celestis, a dimension of perpetual day that has been tainted by shadow creatures and dungeons.
  • The Withus, a dimension of constant night that is home to many Wither-based blocks and enemies.