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Below is the policy for the SAMFIA.

  • When creating a new page, you must add [[Category:SAMFIA]] to it at the time of its creation. If you forget, you must add SAMFIA to the category box below the article.
  • You may edit a page in order to add a new story option (for example, if you want to continue a story in a different direction from the options).
    • The SAMFIA qualifies as a story; as such you may not edit other peoples' pages in any other way, including grammar fixes. Leave other peoples' work as it is.
    • You may not do this to the SAMFIA host page, however.
  • If you add a page, you must give at least one continuation link using {{New SAMFIA Page|words}} unless it is the end of a chapter, in which case you must use {{SAMFIA Ending}}. Replace "words" with whatever you want the next page to be called. The template will do the rest for you. It is recommended to make more than one.
    • You must use the template. Do not try to make the next link yourself, unless you are deliberately trying to do something else and you know what you're doing. The template is more than just a link. It formats the words (so they look like "> Wake up.") and can serve various other purposes.
  • No making spammy pages, pages that are only for self-inserts or character inserts (i.e. "and then susie the hedgehog flew in with her magic powers and saved the whole land by throwing her magic pinecones"), or pages that only serve to close stories for no real purpose (i.e. "and then everybody died the end") or to spam.
  • If you have a category for articles you create, you may add this category to the SAMFIA pages you make.
    • The Sad's Creation category is an example of this, and is used on SAMFIA pages made by Sad My skin head 16.
  • No editing the policy (duh).
  • Use common sense and don't be a jerk. If you do something to mess something up just because "it's not technically against the rules", we'll just add it to the policy.

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