Ryu is a neutral mob in Minecraft: International Brawlers' Crossover. He is a character from the Street Fighter series.


Ryu has a variety of attacks that its difficulty is slightly harder than battling a single witch. He has a far-ranged attack and also has a dangerous attack when close. His walking speed is slightly slower than the player.

His walking animation is he just shuffles its legs like if someone was sparring with someone, his jumping animation is a frontflip while curling itself. His walking speed is 3.4536 meters per second.

When Ryu takes the first damage, a music immediately starts up, interrupting the current music. It will play Ryu's theme from Street Fighter IV series. The music will fade out when Ryu faints, or you are 10 blocks away and not attacking Ryu.

Ryu has a gauge which fills up by attacking the player or taking damage from the player, the amount is same as the damage, its gauge's maximum is 75. When the gauge fills up in a specific amount, a special move can be used, and the amount of gauge is consumed.

Ryu has 100 HP.


Ryu will simply walk or sometimes dash around randomly. He always will turn around when he is close to water. Ryu will not attack any player, unless if he is attacked by a player. Ken, Dan, or Sakura will also start to attack a player if he is within 16x16 area around when Ryu is attacked. He has a search radius of 16 blocks.

Ryu will attack Akuma when he finds him in a 16x16 area centered on Ryu.

The moves come from Street Fighter IV series.



Ryu spawns in the Overworld on a solid block at any light level. The top blocks can be transparent, but not solid.

Only 1 Ryu can be spawned. Ryu cannot be spawned anymore from the spawn eggs or naturally if one Ryu already has been spawned. Ryu stops spawning naturally in Creative Mode, but a spawned Ryu can still remain in Creative Mode.

Victory Pose

Ryu does some poses whenever he defeats a player. They originate from the Street Fighter IV series.

  • Adjusts its gloves, saying "Get serious."
  • Makes a pose, saying "Come on!"
  • Stands, saying "You can do better than that!"
  • Makes a stance, saying "Give me a reason to fight!"
  • Crosses his arms, saying "Disgrace to your heart."
  • Pumps its fists, saying "Let's get going!"
  • Adjusts its belt, saying "We're just getting started!"
  • Adjusts its headband, saying "Talk is cheap."
  • Adjusts its gloves, saying "I walk the path of a true warrior."
  • Makes a pose, growling.


Function Quote


The answer lies in the heart of battle.
Hadoken Hadoken!
This is an attack that is for pure mind and spirit!
Never call this one "fireball"! Call it "Hadoken"!
The true meaning is "Surge Fist"!
Shoryuken Shoryuken!
You must defeat my Shoryuken to stand a chance!
The true meaning is "Rising Dragon Fist"!
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!
Time for you to be in my hurricane!
The true meaning is "Tornado Whirlwind Leg"!
Shinku Hadoken Shinku Hadoken!
Inside the vacuum of my Hadoken!
The true meaning is "Vacuum Surge Fist"!
Take hit This is how you fight?
I have not met a true enemy like you!
Defeated Arrrrrgh!
Oh... ugh...