Rodger is a person. He is mostly unknown, much more unnoticed and unseen than Endermen. Rodger is an expert in fighting. He has a pet pigman, Spiderpig. Rodger is a beige-skinned person with the stone texture, brown swept hair, black pupils, a black coat with white shirt under, navy pants and green sneakers. So far, only his look and one of the, if not only, pet pigmen he has. Rodger is unknown since he lives underground. Rodger also has Spiderpig's clothing, bow and arrows. In some stories, he lives on land. He apparently loves cooked chicken and french fries. He lives probably near the Bedrock layer as he is known to encounter Slimes entering his house through tunnels or spawning in his house. Rodger uses the Cobweb Arrow he owns to go to the surface. He has unique Emerald Armor and is the only person that knows how to enter the Solar Dimension and Cyather Dimension. He has the ability to check for ores by passing his sight through non-ore blocks; at this point, his eyes turn azure and the points where he could see ores are blue.


Indestructible Spacecraft

He has made a probe made out of bedrock with the Block of Iron texture. He uses a control block to make it function. People think this is a UFO. The probe is actually just similar to a UFO. The probe, when viewed closer but still far, looks like it's made with light gray wool, but when you come to it, it looks like a block of iron probe. Rodger offers probe visitors food, drinks, and occasionally cake when one of them has a birthday when they visited. When it launches, two explosions on both sides that are harmless, do not damage or deflect or destroy or defeat, happen, indicating a launch. The two explosions do not happen inside the probe.