If you put 9 iron BLOCKS in the crafting table, you get an iron orb. Same with all materiels listed.

how to craft Dirt, Wood, and Stone bot

Put 9 blocks in the table, make the orb. Then surround the orb with Redstone Ore. You get Robot Core. Surroun THAT with iron bars, and you get The mech.

How to craft copper, iron, and steel Bot.

Put 9 blocks in tabe..Yadda..Surround the orb with redstone BLOCKS to get Robot Core, surround THAT with iron BLOCKS to get The mech.

How to craft Gold, Diamond, and Mythrill bots

9 blocks in table, 9 of THOSE blocks in the table, surround with Redstone cores, and surround THAT with Mythrill Bars.

General rules

In The mech, just play like normal, but your 5 blocks high and 2 wide. And you can jump 5 blocks high (Boosters) and hover midair, falling 1/3 as slow (Boosters again). If the mech dies, it turns into Unpowered bot in your inventory. You have to surround it with 8 Batterys to get it working again.



Dirt: 50

Wood: 75

Stone: 100

Copper: 110

Iron: 135

Steel: 170

Gold: 170

Diamond: 200

Mythrill: 255


Dirt: 10

Wood: 15

Stone: 25

Copper: 35

Iron: 50

Steel: 60

Gold: 100

Diamond: 80

Mythrill: 105


Dirt: Sprint Player x2

Wood: Sprint Player x1.8

Stone: Sprint Player x1.7

Copper: Sprint Player x1.5

Iron: Normal Player x2.7

Steel: Normal Player x2.5

Gold: Sprint Player x1.8

Diamond: Sprint Player x1.6

Mythrill: Sprint Player x1.84

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