"I'll take my city, you take the fame!"

Razor is a Minecraft character who works with H20 the ocelot and is wanting to marry you know how for money. She even tries to kill a few other people which is her dream date's nieces and nephews as in trying to do so.


Razor usually has black long sleeves on her arms which are torn and scars on her eyes. She even has a torn shirt and other features that are torn after what legend co. Did to her and her planet.


Razor is portrayed as evil, selfish, cruel and sadistic to her subjects and her henchman H20, but to her man a loving, caring and playful woman to him. As though she does do something bad, she pretends she never did it.


When Razor was her normal self on Planet Alkali, she had people who would help her and she was the leader of the Scar Tribe. She was to help them find the Dark Soul and rid its reign of terror away from the planet for good. As she went home, she found a nice man who stood next to her. His name was Geode, a nice young Minecraftian man who had just moved there. But when Razor's overprotective brother found out about this, he attacked Razor and threatened Geode that he will kill him if he didn't leave.

Razor refused to stay away and found him at last. But then Razor's brother found them and got rid of Geode. Then Razor was trapped in a dungeon for a year until Legend Co. invaded and attacked her planet. She was still in the dungeon and she was attacked brutally. She had bled through her eye and face. After recovery, she had to wear a mask for eternity.


After the death of Geode, Razor committed suicide so that she would never see the ugly face of her brother again. Her brother mourned gracefully and tried to do the same, but didn't.

Resurrection & Fratricide

After Razor had the souls to bring herself back to life, she found her brother in his bed. She grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed her brother with it. That marked the end of her brother.


Razor is busy getting help from H20 killing the legendaries and marrying Steve. Even though Razor had killed her own brother, she didn't care.