"April 9th 2012, the republic state of Imgur, 06:00 hours. This is Gianni Raniero, on a special assignment on the island of Imgur, a trading town gone dark in the last few months. I'm investigating the source of this state blackout that's not only damaging the trade routes here in Luxor, but costing the people here billions in halting revenue. I've been told that my life might be in danger as the Imgurii Tribesman have increased tension between our allies in the north, which may leave me unwelcome and potentially seen as a sanctuary. As a precaution I will be making recordings like this one wherever I go, so that if something were to happen to me, the truth would still be told. I'm leaving now to meet with an informant who is in Imgur as a scout."

Entry 1

"I'm approaching the location where I'm to meet my informant, though the large, barricaded gates could have been mentioned. I must say, everything seems oddly quiet and deserted here." There is reddish liquid sprayed around and large scrapes across the metabolic gates. I'm a little concerned that my informant has been exposed, or worse, another violent rebel raid. I hope he's alright. "The gate appears to be wrenched open enough to squeeze through, I'm going on.'" I slipped through abruptly. "Hello? Anyone here? Oh, Jebus. Oh, my Notch. There's, uh… there's blood everywhere." I gripped my mouth and tried to not smell the essence of death sprinkled in the air. "I don't see a body though. Anybody out here!?" Suddenly, from behind, green arms wrapped around my neck and groaned loudly. "What the hell? JEBUS! Oh, my Notch!" I writhed and whirled and finally sent the person over me and into the cobblestones, I proceeded to bash at it until it stopped squirming. "OH, my… whoever that was… I think I just killed him. Bashed his head in with my feet. He was out of his mind! He tried to bite me for Jeb's sake! He must have been seventy years old…" Another groan came from around the corner of the road so I ducked through a convenience store window and took cover. "Some...Something else is back there… I gotta... I gotta get out of here..."

Entry 2

I was panting loudly trying to re catch my breath, I raised the tape recorder to my mouth again. "Oh, fuck. I had to throw away my hood, uh, there was so much blood on it. I would go to the authorities, but, uh, they are nowhere to be found. I'm afraid they wouldn't believe this anyway. That a psychotic, green seventy year old man attacked me and forced me to kill him?" I noted a plume of smoke from a traffic wreckage and a man stumbling out onto the pavement. "Uh, there seems to be some sort of a traffic accident. Man, it's even more chaotic than usual out there today. Uh, uh… excuse me. Driver, any idea what's going on? I mean, why are all those people… You know, uh, I got an idea… Why don't we… why don't we turn around? Looks like…" Violent screaming and panic sounds rippled through the air and caused me to look away from the car to the sound. "What the? I don't know. Uh… I might be in the middle of a, uh, terrorist attack here. Uh… People are running in panic, covered… covered in blood… and it seems that…" Glass shattered from a building's insides and out loped a person who moaned, it charged at me. "Oh my, OH, MY NOTCH! FAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

Entry 3

TBD, remind me if I take too long.

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