The Raindrop Tree can be seen in different sizes. It has the same white leaves with the same cloud formation as the Thunderbolt Tree but its wood stays gray and cannot be seen zig-zag. It is exclusive with the Cloud Forest with the Thunderbolt Tree. The leaves have visible blue drop-like fruits and drop the same drop-like fruit. It is often seen in the end of the Rainbow Waterfall and the side of it opposite to the Rainbow Fluffblock Cave. The drop-like food, called the Raindrop Fruit, can be squeezed using gravel or sand to transform the gravel or sand into the same block, only with a blue hue, and when this mysterious gravel or sand block would be destroyed, it would leave unusually drinkable water behind, which in turn can be drunk up or cooked into normal water in a bucket. The Drinkable Water Bucket can be distinguished by its 6.25% additional value (6 is visible in the Color Pallete in the computer) and its bucket also has the same additional value, the same number visible in the Color Pallete in the computer.

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