Powerful/God-like beings are more powerful residents in the world of minecraft. They tend to have their own domain as well as having two versions of themselves: Their true form and a human-looking form. The



  • Domain: Skyland
  • Human form: A bold, middle-aged farmer
  • True form: A white robed being made up of diamond
  • Subjects(if any): Passive mobs, players


  • Domain: Overworld/Villages
  • Human form: A miner
  • True form:A gigantic Golem
  • Subjects(if any): Iron golems and Testificates

The Dark golem aka: Zach

  • domain: dark tomb
  • human form: a black person with red eyes (zach)
  • true form: a giant golem made up of soul sand, obsidian, lava, and redstone blocks. (dark golem)
  • Subjects(if any): Darklings


  • Domain: Ocean
  • Human form: Mermaid
  • True form: Kraken
  • Subjects(if any): Ocean creatures


  • Domain: The Void
  • Human form: A human with glowing white eyes
  • True form: a satyr with long curly horns and reptillian torn off wings 
  • Subjects(if any): The Legions of the Nether

Dinnerbone Upside Down/Deyner Ursaring Dreigon:

  • Domain: Devracath
  • Human form: Scientist/Doctor
  • True Form: Unknown
  • Subjects(if any): Devracathians


  • Domain: Athens
  • Human form: A short-haired girl with a striped sweater
  • True form: An angel with longer, light hair, wearing a flowing white dress
  • Subjects (if any): The Athenians



  • Residence: The End
  • Form: Enderdragon
  • Followers(if any): Endermen

They tend to only have one form, and usually dont rule, but have a home, and followers rather than subjects or underlings. Add all you want!


  • Domain: The air, or one of the two ice biomes
  • Form: Giant cyclone golem, or huge snow golem
  • True form: White skinned human
  • Followers: Wolfs, snow golems, and most wind golems


  • Residence: Nether
  • Form: see wither
  • Followers: Wither skeletons, zombie pigmen, zombies, skeletons, and wither cultists.

Ender Soul:

  • Residence: The End
  • Form: Enderdragon Soul
  • Followers: Endermen


  • Residence: Desert Biomes
  • Form: Creeper with three heads
  • Followers: Creepers

Far dragon:

  • Residence: The far lands
  • Form: Huge, white, enderdragon
  • Alternate form(s): Neon green Slime
  • Followers: Pigmen (non-zombie), Human mobs, Steve (mob), Black Steve, Beastboy and Rana

In Relation to DoM

The Voice in the Darkness

  • Domain: the Amulet of Shadows
  • Form: N/A, is not corporeal
  • True form: see above
  • Followers: Whoever is wearing the Amulet of Shadows, currently Jack
  • Notes: Is mainly confined to the Amulet of Shadows, but can operate outside with much less power. The Voice cannot be directly killed, as it is not fully in Minecraftia. It is manipulative and scheming but not usually directly aggressive.


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