Potions within Orangecraft

Potion of Extra Health

The Potion of Extra Health is a potion that can be brewed with an Apple. It adds 3 health (HeartHalf Heart) to the user's maximum health. The heart graphics given are pink. The maximum amount of health obtainable by this method is 40 (20 Hearts). The potion is purple.

Potion of Poison Resistance

The Potion of Poison Resistance is a potion that can be brewed with a Sapphire. Makes the user immune to poison, and gives the ability to enter Toxic Waste/Poisonous Water without being damaged. The potion is dark green.

Potion of Wither

The Potion of Wither is a potion that can be brewed with a Wither Skull. It affects the user with Wither II. It is most often used in splash potions. The potion is black.


Orangecraft adds multiple tweaks to vanilla potions.

  • Poison Potions work as regeneration to Undead Mobs.
  • Regeneration Potions work as poison to Undead Mobs.
  • Zombie Horse and Skeleton Horse are now Undead Mobs, and neutral.
  • Enderdragons are now affected by the Wither potion effect.

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