The Potion of Combustion is a volatile potion that explodes upon contact, damaging blocks and entities.


Potions of Combustion are made by combining a Fire Charge with an Awkward Potion in a brewing stand. If ingested at this stage, the player consuming it will catch on fire for approximately two minutes.


The Potion of Combustion is at its most effective when transformed into a splash potion. These will explode upon contact when thrown. If upgraded to a Splash Potion of Combustion II, they will destroy more blocks. Splash Potions of Combustion I destroy blocks at a wooden-pick level and Splash Potions of Combustion II destroy blocks at a stone-pick level.

Splash Potions of Combustion I do 8 damage (HeartHeartHeartHeart) at direct contact while Splash Potions of Combustion II do 12 damage (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart) at direct contact.


  • Splash Potions of Combustion do not do any damage to creepers, instead causing them to explode.
  • Potions of Combustion cause the player to be lit on fire for two minutes regardless of tier.

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