“My strongest potions will kill a Dragon, let alone a man!”
Potion Seller
Potion Seller, High Alchemist of Sarageth, is the Wizard head of the Dopamines, a group of mages, spellcasters and wizards whom value Hedonism and the creation of potions to aid the greatest warriors.


When he is slain, he will vanish, but will leave a powerful potion of varied effects. If the player has a lower level than 30 experience points, and drinks the potion, the drinker will begin to die and will not be able to stop the process. When the player succumbs to the poison, Potion Seller will reappear and taunt the player for being too weak. "My strongest potions are only for the strongest beings and you are of the weakest."

If the drinker is of a 30 experience level or higher, they will gain the affects of the potion as well as immunity to all forms of damage, be it lava or injury (death from falling out of world not affected).

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