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The polluter is the second boss in the Soul lands mod beware.

to summon

you must craft the polluted gem

1 face stealer orb

all the stuff on the Face stealer page

and you are ready!


  • 1750 hp
  • 19.5 dmg
  • summons mutated animals to attack
  • phase 2
  • 750 hp
  • 0 dmg
  • no speed
  • summons mutated animals faster


  • polluted orb
  • icky sticky staff
  • mutated animal summoner
  • pains bow


After slaying this beast, something happens.... The pollution spawns! These enemies are end game... and you probably won't survive.

Unfortunately, this article is a bit void of content. It should be bursting at the seams! This is a community fanon, just dive in and add anything you can think of.

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