Type of Block Food
Stackable? Yeah (Max: 64)
Tool Used None
Obeys Physics? 25px-No
Luminosity 25px-No
Transparency 25px-No
Pancakes are a food in Minecraft 1.10.

Obtaining & Crafting

Pancakes are made by putting 8 wheat in a crafting grid to get Pancake Batter, like so...

NOTE: W = Wheat, + = Empty Space.

W +



...and you get Uncooked Pancake Batter (This cannot be eaten). You must put the Uncooked Pancake Batter in a furnace to get Pancake Batter. Then, put milk in a furnace to get Butter, and put the butter and the pancake batter next to each other in the crafting grid to get a Pancake. You did it! Pancakes restore 4.5 hunger points and are a great food.

You can also put a bottle of syrup on top of the Pancake (Pancake is the finished pancake, with butter on it) to get a Syrup-Coated Pancake. This restores 5 hunger points.

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