The Overworld Guardian otherwise known as the Zombie Ruler and Creeper King is a ruthless and deadly being who is the king of all overworld hostile mobs. He is half-creeper, half elder-guardian, goal to kill all humans, villagers and everything to flood the Overworld to make it his own Hostile Mob paradise. Not much is known for him, other than the fact that he can regenerate when exploding. Despite only being half creeper and guardian, he has the abilities of all hostile mobs, from hiding into blocks, poison, explosions, ghostly guardian glimpses, spider webs and more. Much like the Netherking, Anti-Sorcerer and Enderlord, he rules a dimension of hostile mobs, except he does not rule a dimension like the Netherking and Enderlord, which makes him very jealous of that and since they also have the ability of flight.


The Overworld Guardian wasn't always like this, he was originally a creeper in the Indev Era named Explodist. Unlike most creepers, he never had to explode, he always gave players the right amount of fear to trick them to their deaths. He was the lucky creeper mobs called him. He set up and teamed with other creepers, zombies and skeletons to kill any player that entered their area. Everything changed when he saw Herobrine who gave him unimaginable powers, a player like body with arms and abilities that every mob could hope to have. Herobrine then gave him the Sane Crystal, a mysterious crystal that keeps his powers. This Crystal was apart of four other crystals, that when together, make the Block of Existence, a block that makes the very physics of Minecraft and Herobrine's only way to be free from the Void. Explodist accepted this gift and became the leader of all overworld mobs and one of the highest members in Herobrine's infinite hostile mob empire.


  • Telepathy (Can communicate to other mobs)
  • Poison
  • Hiding in stone blocks (Silverfish)
  • Exploding
  • Lasers (Guardian)
  • Rotten (Turning into a zombie)
  • Webs
    Overworld pic
  • Slimeballs
  • Transformation
  • Creating (Can become larger or summon mobs)