Justice will prevail.
-Grand Master of the Steed
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A Knight of the Steed

The Warrior of the Order of the Steed.

Known for their great service to the Western kingdoms, the Order of the Steed are a group of knights who have battled against the forces of chaos and the forces of darkness. They are cursed by the Devil's Kiss, a curse that makes the Knights of the Steed fall to chaos easily. This curse has nearly destroyed them multiple times.



When the Order was first formed, they were a ragtag group of horse farmers who teamed up to defeat Lord Magkon the Pillager after a raid destroyed their town. The Pillager was known for causing chaos within the City of Kron and the outlying areas around it.

The knights' first great accomplishment was stopping a raid by the Pillager's Crime Warrior group within Kron. By stopping them, the King of the City of Kron gave his support to the Order of the Steed, sending knights of Kron to ally with the Order. The following night, as the Order made their plans to attack the Pillager, the very same leading Crime Warrior burst through the front gate, uttering battle cries. The Knights marched from the palace at the center of the city, but when they arrived the Order was already there. The group of farmers attacked from horseback, destroying the Crime Warriors quickly and efficiently. The Pillager, though strong in battle, was also slain in the fight.

As Magkon was a Disciple of Muriminus, his slaying led Desikos to manifest in the shadow of the setting sun and cast the deadly Devil's Kiss onto the entire group of fighters.


The Order of the Steed, after making a name for themselves within Minecraft, joined the Flora of Vale to take part in the Dimension War. As the Flora marched forward onto the World's Gate within the State Maxis in an attempt to travel to the Desolated Nether and fight the Prasia of Vale, Desikos' curse took their bodies over and they charged in bloodlust, relentlessly killing and killing all in their path. Many of their number and other groups of the Flora were slain, and they destroyed the World's Gate entirely, which caused the Prasia to win the Dimension War and plunge Minecraft into darkness.