Herobrine is a piece of the Omnibrine, an antagonist, and later a protagonist of Creatures of the Void.


Herobrine has the perceived default "Herobrine skin": Steve's skin with white eyes.

He, Herabrine, and Denvibrine have extreme regeneration powers, presumably derived from the nature of players' respawn ability.

He and Herabrine appear to be the most intelligent of the Omnibrine's pieces, with Herabrine being averse to fighting the Players and himself joining the team later.


Season One

  • Chapter Sixteen: Herobrine (unnamed) spawns from Omnibrine when it separates. He fights Steve, Alex, and Keaton for a short time. Alex throws him into Muriminus's portal, disabling the portal and trapping him with Muriminus.

Season Two



Season Two

  • Muriminus: Captor; enemy for holding him captive

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