The Northern Grasslands is in the north part of Minecraftia.


The Northern Grasslands is famous for one thing - animation. Should anyone enter the Northern Grasslands, their eyes become white rectangles with a small black pixel for a pupil. They get joints, such as elbows and knees, their armor becomes more realistic, and they take on a more 2D hue. The same things apply to mobs. Items also become realistic, like armor, and they will weigh you down the more you carry.


Unlike the other three Minecraftia areas, the Northern Grasslands is a kingdom. The current ruler is Queen Coco.

The way that the Northern Grasslands choose their ruler is unique: when the previous ruler passes away, the townspeople send the most powerful sword in Minecraftia (the Sword of Light) far away. It takes the form of a golden sword once it has gone far enough, and waits to be found. When it returns, it has chosen the heir or heiress. The cycle continues.

How It Helps

The Northern Grasslands lets Minecraftians do what they dream of doing, from caving to crafting. Because it is animated, you can go far beyond normal standards. Basically, it is the head of making dreams, hopes, and wishes come true.