Nightmares are dreams you can experience while sleeping in Minecraftia. The player controls the dreamer but always ends up dying.

Occurrence times

Nightmares only occur after the player has been through some nasty situations, like having been attacked by Zombies, felt the blast from a Creeper, or falling to near-death. When you awaken in your bed, this will only happen if its night-time, your player's screen will get red instead of blue while sleeping, and you cannot leave your bed when it occurred.

Types of nightmares

There are many types of nightmares, here are some examples:

Diamond Creepers

You have a dream you are in a diamond biome, all the mobs you see give diamonds when killed, and are made of diamonds. When you mine a single diamond, you get blown up by the diamond creeper and a message appears on screen saying WAKE UP PLAYER!!! Telling you it was a dream, these messages appear after all dreams.


You have a dream you are mining diamonds in a cave, you then try walking back to your home, seeing it all burned and the bed gone, chest looted and Netherrack everywhere, then you see HEROBRINE, waiting to kill you, then he kills you and you find out it was a dream (Don't know who HIM is? It's *Spoilers* HEROBRINE)

End of the Overworld

You have a dream you killed the Enderdragon and went back to the overworld with your pet dog and pet cat, you then see an Enderman which holds an Endstone block, he places it down, and everything you see fades and turns into Endstone, your pet dog, and pet cat become hostile Endermen, and all mobs turn into them too, your house is gone and the Enderdragon egg hatches from your pocket, and then the dragon comes out as a baby, then instantly turns into a big one, and you die from the Endermen and dragon.

Hardcore Doomsday

This one is kind of similar to 'End of the Overworld' except that it goes like this: You are playing Hardcore and you survived 100 days with no shelter, no food, no light, and not even iron. You find the sky dark, clouds gone, TNT raining, and an Enderdragon spawning Eventually the stuff around you kill you.

The Void

You are mining when you find a million diamonds, then you mine all the way to bedrock, but then you break the bedrock (even though your in survival) and fall into the void and lose all your diamonds, when you spawn you fall in the exact hole where you fell, and you keep falling in the void. When you fall and die in the void for the tenth time, you don't die and you stay in complete darkness until you wake up.


he appears in the night if you break any user houses, use TNT, and put silverfish and creepers


After each Nightmare, the player wakes up with nausea and slowness for 20 seconds. The Nightmares may have an effect in the overworld, example, the diamond creeper blows up, and that explosion appears in the Overworld, but the End of the Overworld's Enderdragon will not harm anything in the real Overworld. Only one explosion of the TNT rain will appear though.

Prevention of nightmares

To prevent Nightmares you must do some simple things after getting into nasty situations in this order:

-Grow a tree

-Drink from a water bottle

-Drink milk

-Grow another tree

Doing these things will stop the Nightmares from occurring.

Multiplayer nightmares

In multiplayer Nightmares work differently, even though you need everybody to sleep with you now you don't need someone to be with you. When you start having a Nightmare, your player gets out of the bed with arms stretched like Zombies, skin all red as if you are getting hurt, and if you have a hat it becomes black. You might be able to harm other Players by hurting mobs, which move the exact same place as the player, but if you are in a safe-zone, you will not be able to do this, End of the Overworld's TNT and Dragon including the Diamond Creeper do not do anything though.