New Biomes Mountain Caves biome. Full of stone with giant stone mountains. There will be openings in the mountains with giant caves in inside them. In the caves you can find onld mines with some enchanted goodies.

Old Mines. A new dungeon that just keeps going up. There will be a spiral stair case that leads up to multiple rooms with loot. there will always be 5 rooms. The finale room at the very top will have an enchanted Picaxe with a new miniboss mob gaurding it. Loot-Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Diamonds, Iron Armor, Diamond Armor, Iron Pic axe, Enchanted Iron Pic axe,steak, enderpearls, eye of under, golden apple,gold carrot.

Sky Dungeon. Castles made out of gold and quartz high in the sky. Hard to get to but has rare loot. In the castle there is one large room that has plenty of gold and quartz blocks to collect.There will also be a hard boss mob in the room, so make sure and bring your best armor. After killing the boss, a chest will appear full of this loot: 3 stacks of gold blocks. 50 Gold Ingots, and 10 tier 2 Golden Apples.

New Boss mobs. Skeleton dwarf Boss of old mines.

Golden Night. Super boss of sky dungeons.

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