In Minecraft: A New Start the Nether has become even more hostile but now has some passive mobs as well. Also the zombie pigmen have been changed to have occupations.

New Mobs

  • Glow-Sheep
  • Zombie Pigman Farmer/Hunter/Guard/Priest/Merchant
  • Withered Pigman
  • Hellhound
  • Hellbug
  • Lava Snake
  • Phoenix
  • Fireling
  • Smoked
  • Corrupt Angel (rare)


  • Fire Pit
  • Satan
  • Satron

New Stuctures

  • Nether Village
  • Nether Mine
  • Nether Dungeon

Dimensions (template)
Nether-based: Collother | Darkness Dimension | Nether (Minecraft: A New Start) | The Quether | The Underworld | Voidwarp Nether | Withus

End-based: The End | Voidwarp End

Void-based: Between-space | Discarded Plane | Pocket Dimension | The Ether | The Void (Minecraft: A New Start) | Voidwarp Corruption | White Void

Overworld-based: Carboniferous Dimension | Celestis | Clay Dimension | DESOLΛCE | Devonian Dimension | GolemLand | Marsreegana | Misty Graves | Parather | The Alter | The Snare | Upside-Down Dimension | Voidwarp Mine

Sky Dimension-based: Dream Dimension

Space-based: Internal And Outer Space | Space | Spawner System

Voidwarp: Voidwarp Corruption | Voidwarp End | Voidwarp Mine | Voidwarp Nether

Gateway Dimensions: The Matrix Dimension | Universal Gateway

Miscellaneous: Aqua Dimension | Loreniverse | Minecraft Reality (is a megapage with many dimensions) | Nowhere | Stickman Dimension | Twisted Dimension

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