"Wake up", My wife says while shaking me.

"I'M UP!" I say while bolting upright in bed, my usual routine.

I go to work, a bakery not to far from home.

The owners name is tapia.

"Oh look," i say, "It's our favorite customer."

His name is color, he normaly trolls us all day with his stupid item throwing.

"STOP IT OR I WILL BAN YOU!" Tapia normally yells.

I believe he wouldn't, Color never stopped. Day in day out.

I go and mine for the rest of the day, I usualy find diamond, gold and iron.

"grar gror groomlar", The enderman are here. I have 12 blaze powders and 11 ender pearls. I'm ready.

"HAHHH!!" I scream as I bolt towards the enderman diamond sword ready.

Shhk! The sound of a sword going through the bloody torso.

"Yeah! Eat my sword endermen.... What the..... I dont remember anybody on my territory.

A nether portal is in my midst.

I walk through a ghast right infront of me.

"Aaaahhh!" I scream.

"AAIIIII!" It screams, the fireball raging toward me.

I move just in time, then I sprint back through the nether portal and back home.

"Huff huff" I pant.

Its my wife.

"How was your day?" She asks.

"Normal," I reply.

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