Muriminus is an antagonist in Creatures of the Void and the corrupted form of Worian Fratier.


His skin was black like the night sky, and armor formed of the scarlet lightning coated him. The only feature left of him... was his eyes. They were deep and crimson.

Muriminus appears to not have a fully human form, his "skin" only being a layer of darkness. His eyes are fully red, and he wears dark red armor at all time.


Season One

Possible spoilers! Open at own risk!

Muriminus has control of Steve from the beginning of the latter's sapience, occasionally pulling Steve into his dimension in order to force knowledge into his brain. This causes Steve to learn many things very quickly.

His plot to use Steve as a controlled avatar to fight the other players is revealed at the end of the season, when he attempts to pull Steve fully into his dimension and continue from there, but fails to do so when his dimension chains are severed due to Herobrine being thrown into the portal.

Season Two

Possible spoilers! Open at own risk!

Muriminus appears to have been thrust out of Steve's mind permanently, but begins attacking Steve in dreams after Samuel is found.

At the end of the season it is revealed that Herobrine has escaped from his dimension, and is on the loose in the world.


Season One

Season Two


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