Misty graves is a dimension in minecraft. It has blue floor, new woods and new mobs.



Misty plains

A plains biome, but misty graves version. It has blue grass, grey flowers and lava instead of water.

Misty forest

A forest biome, but misty graves version. The trees are red and leaves are brown.

Misty ocean

An ocean biome, but lava instead of water. Death squids spawn here.

Misty jungle

A jungle biome, but misty graves version. Ender ocelots spawn here.

Death's castle

The castle death spawns in.

Giant, smashing castle of doom

The castle death 2.0 spawns in.

Eating chamber

Small food places. There is lots of food and loot inside, plus any "Death Mob" Spawner. There is only 5 in every misty graves worlds.

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