An article for blocks too minor to have their own page.

Solid blocks

Partial block


The Trap is a partial block, it snaps shut when an entity comes in contact with it, doing 10 damage. It can be opened by right-clicking and acts like a chest.

It is crafted like this (I = iron ingot, p = pressureplate):

  • 0 0 0
  • I  0  I
  • I  P  I

Trap (grass)

The grass trap is a trap diguised as what appears to be grass, but is as thick as a preasure plate. It reverts to a normal trap upon triggering. It is not completley hidden, but is harder to see than the obvious normal trap.

It is crafted with a pressure plate and tall grass.

Trap (snow)

The snow trap is the most effective trap, it looks exactly like the thick snow found during snowy weather. It reverts to a normal trap upon triggering. It is impossible to notice if placed in a proper biome.

It is crafted with a trap surrounded by snowballs.

Trap (invisible)

The invisible trap is a trap that may seem effective, but puts out particles. It does not have a texture, but will emit potion of invisibility particles occasionally. It will stay an invisibility trap no matter what.

It is crafted with an extended invisibility potion and a trap.

Naval Mine

The naval mine is technically an entity, but is the size of a block and is placed by the player. The naval mine will drift about the water slowly, but may be leaded. It has spikes protruding from it, and if any of them or the main body make contact with any entity, the naval mine will explode.

It is crafted like this (I = Iron ingot, B = Iron Block, T = TNT):

  • I  B  I
  • B T B
  • I  B  I

The naval mine may be dyed red.


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