"One block at a time."
Official slogan

Mining and Crafting is Minecrafta's new found government and committee of state security. Better known by its acronym of MC, it is the foreign intelligence, restoration movement and security service of Minecraftia. The MC was formed on the 11th of April, 2013‎ by nobleman and leader, Dimentio, in which to create a separate government to handle increasing needs for a fluid, independent goverment authority on the wikia.


  • Pretty much wikia rules. With the addition of no caps.





Constituent countries

Country Pop. (Post DoM) Pop. (

Pre DoM)

Sq. Miles Incorporated Affluence Index
Shauchea 1,107,410 1,176,350 825,000 1278
Mineu 973,350 1,001,100 771,500 1176
Laaos 867,700 1,281,150 748,000 1302
Marvel 818,623 959,985 1,052,160 1307

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