Unison Regions of Mineu are the second-largest city in the country state of Minecraftia and is a part of the Quad-Cities region in the Fraser River's delta in southwest Minecraftia. Mineu had, according to preliminary indications from the post-apocalyptic census, a population of around 301,000, representing a decrease of about 130,000 people from the destruction.

Mineu, while not as populous as nearby Sarageth or the home of a financial hub like Laaos, is a major port city, due to its location on the Smithson River Peninsula, Iiand Island and Sea Island in the Minecraftian Delta. It is the largest incorporated city by land area in Minecraftia and one of the oldest Anglo-American settlements still in existence, along with Marvel. Mineu is the poorest of the four "Quad-Cities" and is known for a generally blue-collar, working class populace servicing its harbor, as well as a vibrant immigrant culture on Iiand Island. The city is also home to the Memorial International Airport, which services the greater Quad-Cities area.

Mineu is currently under a puppet monarchy, Queen May, and King Jordan are Ghouls under Herobrine's control. The Mineuians are also tainted by Herobrine's essence, making them weak and obedient. This might change...

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