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We all know the Planet Minecraft, but what about the world that's outside of the planet Minecraft?

The Planets of the Minecraftia System

The Minecraftia System is a giant area which hold a few planets like Minecraftia. Each planets has different characteristics and have a variety of life forms.


Minecraftia: Own home planet.


Non-Hostile: Pigs, Cow, Sheeps, Chickens, Bats, Villagers, Mooshrooms, Squids, Ocelots

Neutral: Enderman, Wolfs, Zombie Pigmans

Hostile: Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies, Spiders, Blaze, Witch, Ghast, Magma Cube, Silverfish, Slime, Spider Jockey, Wither Skeleton, Zombie Villager

Boss: Ender Dragon, Wither

Zythun: A desert like planet. There's little water and not many animals.


Non-Hostile: Bats, Squids

Neutral: Zombie pigmans

Hostile: Creepers, Slimes, Zombies, Skeletons

Boss: Sepent of the Sands

Lavium: Nether like planet


Hostile: Magma Cube, Ghast, Blaze

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