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Steve Thumbs

This article, its content as described, or at the very least something of the same name, has been confirmed canon in Minecraft. As such it is no longer a fanon article and should either be archived or, if the content disparity is great enough, be renamed to continue editing. Thanks for playing and have a lovely day.

Minecraft Wii U Edition is a new version of the game Minecraft that appeared on the Wii U version. It was released as a download on the Nintendo eShop on December 17, 2015. But will soon be released as a physical packaged version in Early 2016.

Minecraft Wii U edition logo

The beta logo


The story starts out when your character, known as Steve, is stranded on an island. The player then must get to a larger area land and cut down trees to get wood for their shelter and build a bed that way they can sleep through the night. The rest of the game is to mine to find coal for torches or other materials such as Stone, Iron, even Diamond to build pickaxes, shovels, axes, and swords. Then later in the game, the player doesn't have to but can if wants the trophy travel to The End and kill the Enderdragon.


The gameplay is just like other console versions. you use the buttons to mine and the joy sticks to move. It still has online multiplayer like Xbox 360 edition, but is connected through Miiverse.


1.6.4 [ Lasted Version ]

1.8.8 [ Future version ]

Minecraft Wii U edition gameplay

A gameplay clip that appears to be at night.


  • Just like Pocket Edition, it is not fully completed. It is planned to be completely finished in the packaged version.
  • Minecraft wii u edition is very similar to minecraft Xbox 360 edition.
  • The date of the physical release was only known to be in early 2016. but it is scheduled to change.