Minecraft Story Mode:Ending is the 6th episode to Minecraft Story Mode.In it,the player and his gang(Order of the Stone)must team together to defeat Herobrine once and for all.


  1. Reuben goes missing(again).Jesse or Sam must find him/her(depends on player).Soon,the player finds him behind a tree,hiding from a HeroMinion.Jesse/Sam must defeat the HeroMinion and bring Reuben back to the Order of the Stone's hideout.
  2. Jordan(Sam's dog)and him go on a quest.Halfway across,Jordan gets attacked by a posessed cat that(almost)rips him to shreds.Sam must free Jordan from that cat's jaws by prising them open with 2 sticks.
  3. Almost at the end of the game,Jesse and the OotS must gather essential items to defeat Herobrine.They practise on HeroDummies.
  4. In the Nether,Jesse and the gang must fight Herobrine.The fight ends with a huge BOOM!!!!!

Battle dialogue

Sam v. HeroCat



Sam:That's it!

OotS v. Herobrine



Olivia:We came to kill you!

Herobrine:You won't manage!

Axel:Yes we will!

Herobrine:No,you won't!


Sam:I'll kill you Herobrine!

Jesse:We will,Sam



At the end,the OotS split sides and go back to living their lives.Before leaving with Sam,Reuben and Jordan,Jesse thanks the team for being so generous and helpful.Then they retire from being the OotS.

Ending 2

If you don't accept the team's help,they will ditch Jesse and he will eventually storm off in a temper,leaving everyone behind,and also ripping off his OotS costume and dropping it into a pit of fire.

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