All the current wiki admins can be found here for a quick description of what they do around the wiki. You can also find links to their talk pages If you need help on something.

Raniero R.

This is your admin profile, edit any way you want.

My Talk page

Majora's revenge!!!

This is your admin profile, edit any way you want.

My Talk Page


Hey there! I'm Bloodmancer. I'm what you call "General maintenance". You might halfway notice me randomly adding pages to categories, fixing red links, grammar, spelling, ETC. and just about any other form of wiki maintenance that needs to be done. If you need help, I'll always be around.

My Talk Page


I am SadGhoster87, also known as "Sad", "Sadmin", and "Stop writing so many stories, we're supposed to have content too".

I like and make dubstep. I have a wiki and a YouTube channel.

I do content requests, art requests, possibly modeling requests in the future, page revival/cleanup, wiki scrubbing, OC, fanfiction, and projects that may or may not include code or code-like fluids.

My Talk Page

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